National and Local Facts
on Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, an affiliate of Planned Parenthood (PP), the largest abortion business in the nation, has opened a 8,000-square-foot facility on S. Claiborne Avenue. This multimillion-dollar “New Orleans Health Center” will likely become a regional abortion center in the heart of New Orleans, leading to an increase in abortions in New Orleans.

Though no licenses have been issued by the Louisiana Department of Health yet, Planned Parenthood has
indicated it plans to perform abortions at the new facility, and based on the material presented below, we
anticipate abortions will increase in New Orleans through its new facility. As a coalition committed to a
peaceful New Orleans, more abortion and more Planned Parenthood is not the future our city needs.

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Facts are Clear: More Planned Parenthood = More Abortion

  • PP is the nation's largest abortion business, performing approximately 1/3 of U.S. abortions (PP performed 323,999 abortions in 2014).
  • PP abortion numbers have continued to increase or remain steady as national abortion rates have either decreased.

PP Overwhelmingly Favors Abortion for Pregnant Clients

  • PP consistently shows a trend of driving women to choose abortion instead of options that are less financially beneficial for PP, such as adoption or prenatal care.
    • PP Performs Abortions on 9 out of 10 pregnant women who walk through their doors.
    • PP performed 160 abortions for every one adoption referral in 2014. Abortions that year were 94% of PP’s pregnancy services, while prenatal care accounted for 5% and adoption referrals for 0.5%.
  • Abby Johnson, former PP abortion facility director in Texas, reports being given monthly quotas for the number of abortions their facility was expected to perform in a given month by her superiors at PP Gulf Coast.


PP supporters repeatedly claim that the issue at hand is women's health, thereby changing the subject from the facts surrounding PP's growing abortion business. The reality is that women's healthcare is available from low-cost quality clinics throughout NOLA, many of which actually provide more comprehensive services that PP, such as mammograms and primary care. Initiatives like 504 Health Net are working to ensure that information about these healthcare providers is better promoted.

A list of these healthcare providers, the services they offer, and their contact information is also available on our alternative providers page.


Contraception and Cancer Prevention Services Dropping While Abortion Continues to Rise

  • Fewer Prevention Services: Cancer prevention services have dropped by 66% since 2005.
  • Less Contraception: Contraceptive services at PP have dropped by 21% since 2005.
  • More Abortions: Abortion services at PP have increased by 18% since 2005.
  • PP has downsized its clinics by 26% since 2005.


Taxpayer Funding and Abortion Income Represents Large Portion of PP Income

  • Taxpayer Funding: PP reported $554 million in taxpayer funding in 2014-15, 43% of PP total annual revenue.
  • Abortion Income: PP collected $153.9 million in abortion revenues in 2014-15 representing 50% of its nongovernmental health services income. While PP states that abortion constitutes 3% of their services, they mislead the public by weighing all products and services equally, no matter their cost.


Abortion and Planned Parenthood Adversely Impacts the Minority Community

  • African Americans make up 13.3% of U.S. Population, but account for 28% of all abortions
  • In Louisiana, 1 in 5 minority pregnancies end in abortion. Nationally, 1 in 3.3 black pregnancies end in abortion.
  • 79% of PP Abortion Facilities Located Near Minority Neighborhoods. The 2010 Census reveals that PP has located 79% of its 165 abortion facilities within walking distance of African American or Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods.


Two Pending Lawsuits Allege Medicaid Fraud by PP Gulf Coast

  • One of the lawsuits, brought by Ms. Abby Johnson, former director of PPGC’s Bryan clinic, alleges that PPGC improperly received over $5 million in taxpayer funding through its fraudulent billing scheme.


For More Information Download Detailed Report with Citations, click here (PDF).

For a one-page Planned Parenthood Facts sheet, click here (PDF).

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